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Target Audience

Families and young adults


Tomaso is a small family owned restaurant that specialize in grilled pizza’s and panini. I wanted to create a new brand identity that implement the values and nature that the owners bring to their customers, and help them to gain recognition and success in the future.

To start the process of my research, it was ideal for me to seek what makes them different from any other pizza place. Since they are known for their freshness, wood fired pizza and grilled smoky flavour, I wanted the new logo to reflect on that. Following the mood board, I started my sketching process and brought together a few variations of what I wanted the logo to represent.

After choosing two logo concepts that would best fit my target audience, they were presented to a creative team and with the feedback I was given, my second concept was seen as the most effective for this project.






Some challenges that i faced with this project...

*Disclaimer* This logo design was created and used for educational purpose only.